CHTF is made possible due to the generous support and partnership of foundations and organizations including

We are eternally grateful for the loving kindness of our family and friends who have contributed to our growth. 

Aymar Jean Christian, John Fisher, Jeff Epton and Marrianne McMullen, Susan Bennett and Christopher Paluch, Joe Amato, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, Jeff Zhuk and Bronia Zhuk, Johanna Zorn, Amy Little and Lisa Martin, Lenny Teytelman and Luba Teytelman, Daniel R. Dehaan, Thomas Murray, Anne Logue, Jenifer Dorman, Joanne Sultar, Matt Koziol, Elaine Yarbrough, Polly Carl, Ben Yalom, Kevin Rolston, Rebeccah Sanders, Cheryl Yuen, Angela Booker, John & Jill Baldwin, Meaghan Lavery, Sarah Ross, Raisa Teytelman, Elisa Ringholm, Lindsay Hopkins, Donna Nicholas, Mark J, Mark and Ella Epton, Megan Clark, Farheem Majeed and Lashana Jackson, Kristi Czapiewski, Joy Liu, Joseph Varisco, Eva Silverman, Sylvia Ewing and Sylvester Harvey, Mike Asare, Christine Holm, Roell Schmidt, Warren and Bonita Chapman, Veronica Anderson, Alicia Bassuk, Rebecca Ford-Terry, John and Olivia Pounds, Jerry Adelmann, Antonio Contro, Deborah Bekken, Lauren Deutsch, Rochelle Davis and Ken Rolling, Robin Bargar, Selma & David, Barbara Dopovic, Jennifer Andur-Spits, Carlos Tortolero, and many donors who choose to remain anonymous.  

We are indebted to those who have donated their time, expertise, and cultural capital as neighborhood tour guides, documentarians, and storytellers - opening doors for strangers and becoming friends.

Eric Allix Rogers, Rachel Caidor, Micah Salkind, Janice Bond, Mary Steenson, Christa Clumpner, Katelin Jones, Lena Reynolds, Sheldon Knox, Jamie Kalven, Tim Samuelson, Josh Anderson, Kellen Walker, Meghan Moe Beitiks, Albert Murphy, Zakkiyyah Dumas, Gabriela Bedolla, Laura Shaeffer, Yaritza Guillen, Melissa Mahon, Yvonne Bermas, Caila Lipovsky, Riley Henderson, ee dahahm, Alexis Smyster, Nic Kay, Eduardo Arocho, Mary Zerke, Samantha Scipio, Annette Britton, Katherine Bissell Cordova, and Terri Taylor.