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May 20


Hosted by Sojourner Zenobia + The Solarium
Produced by Imani Jackson + Laley Lippard
Artists Adrienne Deeble, Briana Lynn, Alana Parekh, Diana Raiselis + Sojourner Zenobia.

How do we heal from intrusion? How do we mistake intrusion for care, and care for intrusion? Join us in Sojourner Zenobia's home for a night of works by Adrienne Deeble, Briana Lynn, Alana Parekh, Diana Raiselis + Sojourner Zenobia as we contemplate these questions via music, movement art, theatre, and performance work. 

Sojourner Zenobia graduated from Naropa University with a BFA in Interdisciplinary performance and a minor in Buddhist philosophy. In 2008 she founded Soul Journey Productions under which she works as a freelance solo artist, director and event curator. She completed the School at Steppenwolf in 2009 and Pantheatre's experimental vocal technique training in 2011. That same year she began studying at Life Force Arts Center in Chicago where she began her journey with energy and healing practices. In 2015 Sojourner joined Chicago Folklore Ensemble as the resident storyteller and began touring with Lucky Plush Productions for their 2016 premiere of SuperStrip. Sojourner is frequently commissioned to create performance for visual art gallery openings. Her artistic process lives at the intersection of spirituality and performance and has opened gateways for her to be received in Chicago's healing community as a facilitator of ritual, specifically centering love and the brown body. 

Imani Jackson is a writer and maker from Chicago. Imani earned her BA in Religious Studies from Reed College in 2014, and her current work is broadly concerned with geographies, group belonging, and unclaimed/unclaimable things and people. Imani's work has been featured on The Teal Ceramic and has been published with Cold Cube Press.

Laley Lippard is a Co-Founder and Executive Producer of Chicago Home Theater Festival. A director, producer, and educator, Laley is fueled by the belief that elemental storytelling engenders radical compassion which is the foundation of lasting social change. She investigates intimacy and invisibility through new work by creating devised performance, developing new plays, and freelance directing. Laley has directed with Steppenwolf Theatre, Virginia Stage Company, Cleveland Play House, Playwrights Foundation, Magic Theatre, foolsFURY Theatre, Seaside Repertory, side project, and TheatreWorks and has workshopped plays with Alliance Theatre, American Theater Company, O’Neill Theater Center, Just Theatre, and The Garage. Laley has worked with HowlRound and the AVNPI at Arena Stage, Guthrie Theater, American Conservatory Theater, Court Theatre, and Woolly Mammoth. Laley is a proud member of the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab, The National Directors Fellowship, and SDC Directing Observership Program. She holds an M.F.A. in Directing from Northwestern University. 

Adrienne Deeble is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on performance, sound, and text based works. Originally from Massachusetts, she is currently based in Chicago. Her work focuses on intimacy, ritual, loss, healing, and power.

Briana Lynn.png

Briana Lynn is currently an MFA candidate in Cross Disciplinary Literary Arts at Brown University. She works at the intersection of a literary and visual practice. She's worked as a contributing writer for Okayplayer and exhibited at Bronzeville Art Lofts, The Silver Room and the Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts.

Alana Parekh is a movement artist, podcaster, and YouTuber. She has two YouTube channels where she uploads content regularly. Her movement videos are mini-stories that build on each other. On her other channel, she express her ideas about living a conscious life.

To find her movement art channel, search for "alana parekh" or visit 

For her metaphysical channel, search for "WannAlana !"  or visit

She also runs a podcast called "Seek:" with Victor Zhagui, where they talk about our true nature as humans. To check out Seek:, visit

Diana Raiselis is a director, producer, and civic practitioner who seeks to foster community engagement through the arts.  In Chicago, she has worked with Steppenwolf Theater Company, Albany Park Theater Project, Chicago Shakespeare Theater, The New Colony, Pride Films & Plays, The Inconvenience, Jackalope Theatre Company, Collaboraction, the party/theater/party series, and others to develop new plays, site-specific/immersive works, and civically-engaged arts events.